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We’ll go head-to-head with Home Depot, Empire Today, Express, or Lowe’s any day of the week. There will be no doubt about the outcome! It is our intention to provide each and every customer with excellent customer service and low prices that can’t be beat. Bring us your written price estimate on a competitor’s letterhead and we will show you how our prices are indisputable. We guarantee that you won’t find better prices around!


Listen to what our customers have to say about these big retail stores and our low-price guarantee:

“I was looking to replace my carpet & vinyl flooring in my home to laminate. I decided to start comparing prices, so I started with Home Depot & Lowes. I will tell you one thing, the price that they quote you at the store and the final price they give when they come & measure is a big difference, about 30% more, from $3,300 to almost $4,000. I then called empire today who had a sale that you get 60% off the retail price. All I can say is WOW. I thought Home Depot was high. Empire told me that their sale price would be $7,728. After I almost threw the guy out of my house, he said he may be able to save me more, but he had to call his general manager. The phone call resulted in a drop in price to $6,000. They gave me a $1,700 price reduction from their so-called sale price. I would hate to see their retail price. Just by chance, my neighbor was having his carpet replaced by Diamondback Flooring, So I asked if they could give me a quote. Their price was $3,600 using much better laminate. They showed me the difference between the Home Depot product to theirs, and after seeing the difference in the product I was sold. On the day of the installation, they helped me move the heavy furniture and had it completed in less than 2 days. It’s nice to see that there are honest companies still around. I was so happy with everything that I have referred two of my friends to Diamondback.”

Gene | Ahwatukee

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